Where We’re Going

The Game

We’re going to run the game in seasons. An off, a primary and a general season. All ranks will be reset at the end of the season. A season pass will need to be purchased in order to unlock all the features. Each full election round completed (off, primary and general), will earn you a badge.

There will be milestone rewards that users will earn when they reach a certain rank and/or have earned a certain number of points.

Earn Crypto

We will be creating our own crypto. At first, in the form of tokens. The only way to earn our crypto will be by playing the game. We will use a points to crypto conversion formula. Those users who are in the top 1% of players will have the best conversion rate. Those who are in the bottom will have the worst. The more you use the app, the more crypto you will earn.

The News Aggregator

The news aggregator will have more issue options available. Turn on all options in “alerts” to maximize your points and earning potential. There will also be a single post/send to all your social media for those who chose to purchase a season pass. Those who choose to go the free route will be stuck with using the single social media buttons.

Election Tool Set

There will be canvassing maps, voter registration heat maps, funding the candidate dashboard, polling and election dashboard.

The Season Pass

The season pass will open up options for players including:

  • upload videos
  • your own blog
  • news aggregator single post send
  • live streaming
  • election tool set
  • local news options for more points

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