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When faced with complex problems, one of the easiest pathways to solve them is to work back from a stated goal or desired outcome. In this instance the desired outcome is simple, winning elections and keeping a Republic.

Now that we have that desired outcome stated, what has been preventing us from solving for X? Once those are identified, the proper mechanisms can be put in place to solve for X. That’s exactly what we’ve done.

These are the problems that have been identified through research, experience, and common sense.

  1. Big tech suppression algorithms of content & censorship
  2. Corporate media’s vast distribution apparatus and networks
  3. GOP’s lack of organizational efforts for grassroots
  4. Over reliance of influencers and top down diffusion
  5. Saturation of meaningless content that doesn’t move the needle
  6. Good candidates that can’t make it past the primaries due to lack of funding
  7. Good candidates that can’t win the general due to lack of funding from the RNC
  8. Rules and changes meant to undercut conservatives put in place by social media giants that we refuse to adapt to

The best way to explain how our app solves these problems is to just go through all the tenets of To The Republic App and list how this social media utility alleviates them. Some functions of our app will mitigate multiple problems at the same time.

TO THE REPUBLIC APP – What it is and what it is not.

It is not an open network like Getttr, Parler, or Gab. We are a private, conservative grassroots network. We reserve the right to ban anyone who doesn’t follow the rules. See rules here. We ask that members conduct themselves in a respectful manner to all other members. We are not a trash news network. Our news aggregator is only from specific sources categorized according to an issue. Issues that can actually move the needle.


Organizing the chaos.

By gathering up grassroots that are spread out over a multitude of different social media platforms, the power of your network grows. Bringing lasting structure and continuity that endures election after election. Democrats have a vast network of 14 million union workers to call upon every election cycle. We need to be able to compete with that machine. With a dedicated private network, outside of the GOP establishment structure, we can achieve just that. The simple act of having a vast network of grassroots on one private network that’s there in perpetuity gives us an advantage on the organization front that we didn’t have before. Thus taking a bite out of (3. GOP’s lack of organizational efforts for grassroots). Now that we have a network, let’s give its users tools they can utilize to be successful.


To achieve X, problems must be solved. In order to solve problems, mechanisms must be created to solve those problems. That led us to 4 main functions within this utility. There is always room to add functions. Being able to adapt to new problems as they occur, allows us to have the agility that we need to adapt to a forever changing political landscape.

Election Toolset
Live Feed.


Education is the foundation of any successful endeavor. It’s no different here. Being educated will make you gaslight proof whether it’s the corporate media or your favorite influencer doing the gaslighting.

Whether it’s free-market principles, critical race theory, trade, crime, immigration etc, being well versed with a firm understanding of the issues will give you the knowledge when making an argument enlace importante. It may be 3rd party content or our own original content but a cache of videos and literature will be at your disposal to use and share.

ELECTION TOOLSET (Currently under development)

We wanted to give our users, not just the knowledge of how to become a political operative, but also the tools to put that knowledge into action. So we created an election toolset to use.

Candidate funding dashboard
Based on a myriad of data, you’ll be able to see where donations for a candidate will be best spent. Why fund the RNC just for them to ignore a candidate that isn’t approved by them? But you also don’t want to spend money on a candidate that’s flush with cash while ignoring those in tight races where money can make a difference. Our candidate dashboard will crunch the data you need to make an informed decision.

Canvass Maps
Members will have access to canvassing maps in their area. Contacting voters is a key ingredient to getting out the vote.

Voter Registration Heat Maps
Holding voter registration drives is an easy way to put political activism into action. A heat map will give you the best locations to host a registration drive.



Acting locally is the building block of organizing a grassroots movement into an actionable force. You may have heard Dan Bongino or other conservative pundits comment about getting your own house in order. Being able to organize at the local level will help you achieve that mission.

State Groups

District Groups
One large group at your district level

Precinct Groups
Smaller, localized groups within that district group

Pac Groups
PACS & SuperPACS members


Corporate media and Big Tech overall haven’t been playing fair when it comes to conservative news content or the truth for that matter. They suppress content, lie and give favoritism to corporate-approved narratives. At the same time, conservative media and right-wing influencers have done a disservice to our grassroots by saturating the landscape with meaningless content that may be entertaining but doesn’t move the needle an inch. By limiting the sort of news our live feed news aggregator shares, you won’t be bombarded with content that’s meaningless. When a push notification comes for one of our featured stories, you can be assured it’s something that matters.

Examples of things that mattered in 2020.

Only The Stories/Events That Matter
By limiting our news aggregator to the stories that move the needle, messaging can be targeted to what voters actually care about. We break those down into categories according to issue. There are around 13,000 news articles that come across our admin-level news aggregator from 17 different sources per week. We pick out a handful of news articles per day that go into the live feed.

Render Suppression Algorithms of Conservative Content Moot
Suppression Algorithms are perhaps one of the most insidious actions that Big Tech has taken. By limiting the reach of conservative outlets and specific news content on their platforms, they limit what comes over their user’s feeds thus limiting what is consumed. As a byproduct of featuring news on our own feed, it doesn’t matter that the stories that matter the most are being suppressed. They can’t stop us from featuring and sharing it through the back door. When an article is posted on the live feed, the link you share takes you to the news outlet’s original article.

Trend News/Events with # Support
In each share button that’s clicked, it has a corresponding # that’s included with it, if and when applicable. No more guessing if one is being used, which one, or if it’s spelled correctly.

News Categories are Issues Based for Easy Customization by the User
By limiting our scope of content that is featured, we can focus on putting them into issues-based categories. These categories mean the most to voters. At the same time, we made what shows up on your own live feed customizable. Not all these may mean something to you the user. So on our mobile app, we made it so you can toggle on and off the amount of content and which content comes across your live feed.


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