Gamification & Ranks

As you earn points for using and interacting with To The Republic App, you will rise through the ranks, listed below.  Each rank will be harder to achieve than the previous.  

How you interact with the app, determines how fast you earn your rank.  For example:  Logging in for the day will earn you +1 point, making a post will earn you +1 as well and so on and so forth.  Most points are awarded in small increments, however, the live feed will give you +30 for an hour after the push notification is sent out.  Then it’s decreased down to just +1  So in order to rise in the ranks fast, answer the two or three push notifications and share the news stories.  We are only choosing select news stories and information to be shared via the live feed.  (See here)

What earns you points and how much listed below.

For registering +10

Daily visit +1

Viewing posts +1 (limit +5/day)

Viewing pages +1 (limit +5/day)

Viewing content +1 (limit +5/day)

Login +1/day

Clicking on links +1 for each unique url

Watching a video +1

Live feed sharing +30 for the first hour then +1 after that. 

Points will show up shortly after they are achieved as an onscreen notification.

Your rank and points will be displayed next to your screen name.

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