Member Account/Control Console

After an account is created, each member will have a control console that has all the modern conveniences and features a traditional social media account would have. Post, comment, add friends, follow, DM’s, join groups, gifs, reactions, custom profile and header photos etc.

You can always get to this page by clicking/pressing on the “Stream” icon.


  • Stream – Will take you to your control console/profile.
  • About – Manage your bio/profile fields,
    Account information and your Address for any billing/purchases.
  • Blog – Create, Edit your blog posts here savjet. (Blog posts are enabled for pro members only).
  • Friends – See and manage friends requests.
  • Photos – Manage Photos and Albums.
  • Groups – List of and Manage groups you may be a member of.
  • Points – Points log of all points earned and for what.
  • Membership – Manage all memberships here for Pro Version members.
  • Classifieds – All ads, open positions at your local level and products members post are listed here.

MAIN MENU (yellow)

  • Live Feed – Most important news of the day. The live feed will always be displayed on the right hand side on the browser.
  • News – The “other” news of the day that didn’t make it to the live feed
  • Videos – Issues based videos
  • Training – Electioneering based training videos


You can always get back to your activity stream by hitting the upper left Icon or under the “Community” section marked “Activity”

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